September 6 2020

Where Do I Begin?

Where Do I Begin?

Well, I need to begin by giving thanks to the Lord Almighty. I am thankful for his grace, mercy, provision, and protection!

As many of you know, the tumor on my right kidney came back, and I was scheduled to have an embolization in March. However, due to Covid, that didn’t happen until June. Well, I am happy to tell you everything went well with the procedure. My experience during my recovery was actually much better this time. By not having anyone allowed to stay with me in the hospital, I actually felt I was able to rest better. Last time, after coming home, my pain shot through the roof. It was unbearable! I was so afraid that was going to happen again, but thank the Lord it didn’t, and my experience was much better.

I am also thankful for all my amazing friends and family who took such good care of me and brought me such yummy meals. God is good for providing me with such an amazing support group.

A couple of months after the embolization, in August, I had another CT scan. Fortunately, the CT scan showed that the tumor is shrinking again; therefore, I don’t need to be back to MD Anderson for another year. The CT scan performed in August included my chest per my pulmonologist’s request. When the original CT scan was taken two years ago, the one in which the kidney tumor was discovered, the radiologist also found nodules in the parts of my lungs that were visible on the CT scan, and it was highly recommended I follow up with a pulmonologist about this. My PCP and my doctor at MD Anderson suspected LAM (lymphangioleiomyomatosis) due to all my other symptoms and test results. When I finally got an appointment with the pulmonologist, he looked at the scans and stated that despite the fact that I do have LAM, my lungs look great. There are three other tests he wants me to have done, but unless something unexpected shows on any of these tests, I don’t have to see him for another six months. For now, the only restriction I have is no scuba diving! He asked me if I had ever gone scuba diving, and I told him I was working on my certification in college but didn’t get to finish the course. He said I probably would have ended up with a collapsed lung. It hit me as I was sharing this with a friend how God’s protection was over me even then. God is so good!

So that’s what’s going on with my health. Now, for an update on our house.

If all goes well, we are scheduled to close on September 30. We are currently looking for a lot in our neighborhood that we can purchase and start construction. In the meantime, we will be moving in with my parents. We will definitely keep you all posted on all of this.

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